Miller 235626 Welding Helmet Review

I was fed up with those cheap hoods that ended up with malfunctioning and falling apart. This made me to search for a better helmet for the money. I was not looking for an auto-darkening helmet, as the use of helmet was quite occasional.

When I searched online for passive helmets, there were many quality models available. This confused me a bit, as to which one to choose. To come out of it, I decided to list down my priorities, which would act as my selection criteria.

So, as per my needs, I decided to have as lightweight as possible for my set somewhat strict budget. Further, it should be comfortable to wear and offer maximum protection as possible. As per my requirements, I astonishingly found the miller 235626 welding helmet as the most fulfilling model.

Tagged by many customers as the biggest bang for the money, this helmet is super light and is designed very well for the price. It comes with the filter plate of standard size, which ensures maximum protection from the austerity of welding as well as plasma cutting.

In terms of quality, it is surpassingly the same as the $300 auto-darkening welding helmet from Miller. Till today, I have never experienced any disappointment with this model in terms of comfort, use, and protection.

What Did I Like In Miller 235626

Miller 235626 Welding Helmet Review

Lightest Build

Well, considering the price point at which it is available, this welding helmet is the lightest model. It weighs just 1 pound, which is appealing to those who need to use it incessantly for some hours. You can now comfortably keep it on your head for working at a stretch and at your speed as well as efficiency.

Viewing Size

The viewing pane or window is 16 square inches wide, which means its dimensions are 4 x 4 square inches. Now, this is quite a sizable window widthwise. It is perhaps one of the widest ones in the market. While being protected by the lens, you can easily view the work.

Protective Lens

The welding helmet comes with an industry-standard filter plate of shade #10 and internal cover lens. This shade is fixed, as this is a passive model.

Because Miller is a reliable brand, you are assured of full protection of your face, ear, and neck through the fixed lens. This is regardless of whether you are using a plasma cutter or a welder, which usually generate sparks as well as heat.

Although there is no auto-darkening technology, Miller ensures the same-quality protective factor. This is exactly the reason why this model is ideal for those do not wish to spend lavishly on a professional model.

Adjustable Headgear

The head adjuster is quite smooth and operates quite well. This makes the headgear quite easy to adjust. It is also quite comfortable and remains up. You can also easily flip it down. The headgear is in the telescoping ratchet style. It has a magnifying lens holder, which is sizable enough to accommodate the cheater lenses.

Easy Upgradation to Auto-Darkening Technology

If you are a fan of this modern technology or wish to have it due to its more flexible protection as well as ease of use, you can include it in this helmet. Yes! There is no need to buy a new auto-darkening helmet.

It is simple to upgrade this passive helmet by including the Digital Elite auto-darkening lens on it. This is how you can continue to use the helmet for a long time.

Hard Hat Adaptable

This is something that appeals to the professional welders and cutters.


This welding helmet from Miller is ideal for the starters as well as semi-professionals, considering its lightweight, auto-darkening upgradation, and hard-hat adaptability. If you are okay with no modern auto-darkening lens, the unit is worthy of your money. The auto-darkening lens does not matter for light construction or occasional use.

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Miller 235626 Welding Helmet Review
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