Lotos LTP8000 Plasma Cutter Review

I run a small home shop wherein I was using LTP5000, since the past six months. I would recommend it to those who need a budget-friendly compact option. However, my power needs increased due to which I needed something more powerful to have cleaner cuts in a thicker surface of one inch as well as cut a thinner metallic surface more swiftly.

I found the Lotos LTP8000 plasma cutter to be the most fulfilling one. I have just used for a month and I am happy to have it for cutting some rusted parts and assembled sections. It is truly a powerful punch with 80 amps at 220v and high frequency start due to which it moves quick on thinner surfaces such as 0.25 inches or 0.37 inches, although obviously slowing down on the thicker ones.

However, the best bargain is the highly clean uniform cuts regardless of the surface. While the cutter does not have those many convenient amenities as in a few other models, it is one of the most robust models below $1,000.

What Did I Like In Lotos LTP8000

Lotos LTP8000 Plasma Cutter Review

Portable and Ease of Use

With a weight of 50 lbs., this cutter is neither so heavy nor so light. However, the two handles on the top make it quite portable.

It is also easy to use the cutter due to properly organized knob controls. This is applicable even to a Do-It-Yourself user apart from a professional operator. You just need some practice to figure out the controls and you are set for cutting whenever you want.

Pilot Arc

It is because of the pilot arc that this unit proves itself efficient for dirty or rough metallic surfaces. The feature is responsible for non-stop cutting on such surfaces. The pilot arc torch that is long enough efficiently moves though even the painted surfaces and generates minimal slag.

Versatile Performance and Outstanding Output

The LTP8000 plasma cutter delivers not only uniform, but smoother and cleaner cuts than its predecessor, LTP5000. It ensures such an output on a variety of surfaces without any distortion or warping and with least heat input.

The unit can cut mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum with the help of non-hazardous compressed air. Another selling point is its maximum cutting thickness (ideal cut thickness) of one inch, which is the most impressive one and one of the highest on offer.

The uniform output on any surface is perhaps due to the V-MOFSET transistor, which is a high frequency technology. It aids for having such an output on a thin metal along with a high power output on a thick metal. It is because of the high-power output that this unit can cut through the different metals more smoothly as well as precisely.

The MOFSET technology is coupled with the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). This blend delivers a precise and more constant current to the surface to be cut. To this, the high power of 80 amps delivers promptness in cutting, even on a thicker surface.


This Lotos plasma cutter also comes with admirable safety features. It features the advanced PAPST German cooling system. The dual cooling fans with high speed cool down the device by controlling its temperature. There is also a built-in thermal overload protection to keep overheating away.

What Did I Feel as Limitations

  • No foot pedal or air compressor
  • Special hookup to be brought separately if you do not have it for 220v
  • Short cord (need of 10 ft.)


If you believe bigger is always better, this plasma cutter proves it quite nicely. However, this is only in terms of power. Overall, it is a reliable unit with minor limitations.

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Lotos LTP8000 Plasma Cutter Review
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