Longevity ForceCut 42i Plasma Cutter Review

Longevity is the brand that keeps its name by making lasting plasma cutters and welders. However, when I was looking for a plasma cutter, I was much confused between its ForceCut 42i and Hyperherm Powermax 45 cutter for a while. Luckily, I got help from my colleague who told to go for the Longevity model if I needed the same power of Powermax and good output at a more economical cost.

Well, I followed the suggestion of my colleague in the workshop. After some thorough comparison, I choose this 40-amp Longevity model due its appealing rated cut thickness as well as lower price as compared to other models in the same class.

I must say it is a reliable addition to your workshop. Quite effortlessly, the cutter can penetrate through a 1-inch thick surface that is rusted. You can easily cut 10 to 12 feet of 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch thick steel without any hassle. This ability was mind-blowing for me!

You can uniformly expect fast cuts and easy shapes with precision in case of steel. The cutter is also capable of working with CNC.

What Did I Like In Longevity ForceCut 42i 

Longevity ForceCut 42i Plasma Cutter Auto Voltage


With a weight of 36 lbs. and a sturdy handle, this plasma cutter iseasy to move around or from one site to another in a workshop without any hassle. The cord length of 12-feet also adds to mobility in the work place. Such a cord also prevents sparks at work, which increases the durability of the unit.

20-40 Amp Cutting Range and Smooth Cuts

The ForceCut 42i model operates on 110/220v circuitry, which also adds to its portability for power. It comes with a plug of 110 and 220 voltage to quickly switch from one voltage level to the another and charge the unit. However, with Power Factor Correction (PFC), you can run the cutter from 90-280v.

With a 40-amp torch, the unit exhibits brilliant cut quality and performance for cutting up to an inch of thickness on 220v and 3/8-inch thickness on 110v. That said; it needs economical consumables, which is the other plus point.

You can expect quality cutting of up to .78” and rough cuts up to .98”. The unit also comes with water separation and auto-air regulation. Further, the included air filter as well as regulator strain the particles to ensure clean and efficient cuts uniformly.

Ease of Use with Ready to Start Packing

The unit comes with all the essentials that you require to get started. It has all the additional consumables as well. Further, there are digital meters for quickly and precisely adjusting the cutter to any amperage.

Pilot Arc Technology

The continuous pilot arc allows cutting rusted, painted and expanded metal surfaces, but the output is just smooth due to flexible features. The arc mechanism detects any voltage loss automatically and auto-triggers the arc to enable to torch head to retain the arc consistently at the time of cutting.

IGBT Inverter Technology

This inverter technology is known for its efficient cutting and durable as well as lightweight plasma cutter design. Thus, this model is small, lightweight, and efficient.

Blowback Start/CNC Ready

This model triggers the arc by igniting an internal spark. There is no need of high frequency, as the unit uses air pressure for moving the electrode against the nozzle. Thus, the CNC table integration becomes easier without any interference.


Safety comes from the built-in self-cooling mechanism and thermal overload protection, which also contribute to longevity. There is also a plastic bag and a hard box keeping dust-based and mechanical damage away. The unit ships with eye protection stuff and working gloves.

What Did I Feel as Limitations

  • Dramatic slowdown for cutting a surface having a thickness of above half an inch


This Longevity model is certainly going to last for long on your work bench. It is convenient, light, versatile, and efficient.


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Longevity ForceCut 42i Plasma Cutter Review
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