Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Black Welding Helmet Review

Are you willing to upgrade a beginner’s helmet or a cheap helmet to a more professional one? Is it so that you want to do so without compromising safety and functionality? If yes, then the Lincoln VIKING 3350 welding helmet can be the best choice for you.

This quality product is designed to endure a lot of abuse, which makes an appeal for serious DIY or professional use. It belongs to the premium range of helmets, which are for those who have safety and utility as their top priorities.

Keeping in mind the exhausting work of welding, the makers have made the 3350 helmet with the aim to ensure comfort and optimal fit with a pivot style headgear. Even in terms of visual appearance, the model makes a great appeal. It is available in 10 different styles, ranging right from a frightening zombie to a simple black design.

What Did I Like In Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Black Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology - K3034-3

Light Build and Feel

The easily removable and replaceable battery is solar powered, which is made up of lithium. This makes the helmet quite light, as the battery itself is lighter than its lead counterpart.

Because this helmet has a big viewing window, it might make you feel heavy, specifically after a full day use. However, this effect is minimized by the comfy suspension system. It aims to lighten the load on shoulders and neck.

You can also easily adjust the headgear as per the size of your head by simply turning the knob. With the comfy suspension system and adjustable headgear, the weight is not a significant issue.

Auto-Darkening with Adjustable Sensitivity

This helmet comes with a good range of shades, ranging from 6 to 13. With these adjustable sensitivities, you will never get flashed and work amidst any illuminated surroundings with ease.

The lens is sensitive enough for a variety of uses, such as low-amp TIG, MIG, and plasma arc cutting. It is also suitable for higher amp projects without any hassle.

1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity through the 4C Lens technology

The auto-darkening cartridges have a high rating in all optical categories. In other words, this ensures a crystal-clear clarity always. The optical clarity also ensures a real color view by decreasing the lime green tint while boosting visibility. You can now have a clearer and crisper view.

The credit goes to the latest 4C technology for the auto-darkening lens, which also aims to reduce eye strain by minimizing the typical green tint in the viewing screen.

The technology is perfect for a variety of welding fields such as general fabrication, pipeline work, ship building, and power generation, where several welding processes are in use. This makes the Lincoln 3350 helmet versatile enough to retain a clear view for improved productivity and quality, regardless of welding process you perform.

Enormous Wide Window Size

The viewing screen is truly large with 3.74in x 3.34in in dimensions. Thus, you can see more due to a full range of vision for better control and performance even in vision-impairing tight spots. You can even adjust the distance between your face and lens for improving the vision as desired.

More Battery Life

I personally admire the battery life of this helmet. It is more than the other batteries in other solar-powered helmets. You can weld for more time, as you can now see clearly for a longer time.

Four Arc Sensors

All the four sensors aid in catching the arc spark while auto darkening the lens accurately. This certainly adds to both safety and hassle-free welding.

Safe Breathing

The helmet comes with a reliable ventilation system for ensuring optimal air circulation. The system also keeps the gases away due to which you breathe good air.

What Did I Feel as Limitations?

  • Heavy feel after full day use although manageable
  • Scratched glossy black coating
  • Fragile hinged system at the rear


Go for this welding helmet if you need a comfy, feature-rich, and adjustable headgear with a large viewing area and great optical clarity.

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Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Black Welding Helmet Review
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