Hobart Handler 500554001 MIG Welder Review

Have you gained enough experience and money to shift to a professional-grade MIG welder? If yes, then the Hobart Handler 190 can be the most suitable as well as a versatile option for you.

It is designed for those experts who are now planning to move to a professional-grade powerhouse. However, even the beginners will love to have it, provided their budget is enough to buy it.

The device is capable of handling most professional projects of any scope and size, ranging right from construction to auto repairs, and including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. It is a robust and portable wire-feed unit having the ability of flux core welding.

The handler is not that lightweight but is still compact and portable enough to ensure comfort and ease while carrying it. Of all the features, the most appealing one is its inclusive offer of 10 ft. 150-amp Spool gun and 10 ft. MIG gun. Yes! The unit comes with both to give you a single and an all-inclusive powerful package.

What Did I Like In Hobart Handler 500554001

Hobart Handler 500554001

Ease of Use

Due to an intuitive design, the unit appeals to both the beginners and experts. No matter what is your task, the device does not raise many issues. In fact, it can be worthy to learn MIG welding in no time.

All controls and buttons are labeled well. The spool gun circuitry inside eliminates the need to have any additional kits or controls. Similarly, the included patented wire feeder technology increases efficiency by releasing the drive roll lever quickly. This also adds up to eased use.

The dual groove drive roll system facilitates snugged switching between different wire sizes. Even polarity changeover is easy and it comes with storage holes for storing additional tips.

Welding Capability

This Hobart welder comes with liberal operating parameters, which facilitate welding steel having a thickness ranging from 24 gauge to 5/16 inches, in a single pass. For aluminum, this is certainly a low-cost model with wide output power range from 25 to 190 amps at 230v and decent duty cycle of 30% at 130 amps.

Thus, you can use this device different fabrication jobs related to farm, DIY projects, construction, maintenance, and auto body workshops.

Multiple Voltage Control and Infinite Speed Control

This unit comes with seven voltage options and infinite control over wire feed speed. These two features together with the better magnetics render an easier control over the output, improved arc performance, and alleviated spatter.

This results in superior professional-looking beads, superb penetration, and less clean up. Even the resultant welding arc matches with the wire diameter as well as metal thickness more perfectly than any opponent in its class.

Support for 4- or 8-inch Spools

Unlike a few units, this model enables you to work with two different spools. This adds to the versatility aspect of the tool. Further, the included spool-gun control circuitry is such that you can directly plug in the spool-gun SpoolRunner 100 for eradicating all feeding issues that occur with aluminum wires.

Superb Safety

With this unit, you need not worry about any kind of harm that can be done to it with more complicated tasks. This is true even if you are a beginner. All the credit for it goes to the included contractor and thermal overload protection.

The contractor gives peace to your mind, as it keeps the wire cool when the device is not in use. Further, manually re-setting the thermal overload protection feature prevents overheating and increases the lifespan of the unit.

What I Feel as Limitations In Hobart Handler 500554001 

  • Very costly
  • Not for heavy industrial tasks
  • Need of a special outlet; no operation with a normal household outlet


Consider this unit if flexibility and professional result are your top priorities. It is more appropriate for use at a shop or outside home.

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Hobart Handler 500554001 MIG Welder Review
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