Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder Review

When it comes to buying a MIG welder, Hobart is the first choice of mine. This is because its welders are powerful, portable, and yet affordable; while the brand is reliable and popular.

I was already using it old welding device and was looking for an upgraded version. As a result, my attention fell on the Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder, an upgraded version with new utilities found usually in costly counterparts.

Due to the upgraded design, this device is certainly a wow factor for hobbyists as well as professionals. Also known as the Hobart 140 Handler, the welder comes with a cable drive motor composed of lightweight cast aluminum instead of plastic to give that typical feel of industrial quality.There is also a considerable upgrade of voltage control and inclusion of a new steel floor clamp.

Are you looking for a MIG welder that performs consistently every time you use it? Should it be easy to carry and use? If yes, then it is worth reading the review of this model, which enables a novice to weld easily at home and expect an industrial-like performance at household current.

What Did I Like In Hobart 500559

Ready to Use/MIG Ready

This improved version is MIG Ready, which means there is no need of a kit to set it up. It has everything to kick off. This really makes this model truly cost effective.

Ease of Use

Even if you are a beginner, you can use it without having a tough time. It is much like plug-n-play setup. You can work smoothly due to a dual-groove, a heavy-duty feed head with a drive roll lever that quickly releases the drive roll.

It is the drive roll that eases the use of this unit through quick wire change, as compared to other welding devices. The feed-head is durable and is certainly a vital part of any welding unit.

Admirably, the separate purge setting takes care of the gas line and flow without impacting the wire. You are also ensured of easy spool loading and quick conversion to MIG via a dual-gauge regulator.

Welding Ability

The device is capable of welding up to 1/4th inch of mild steel at 115v residential current, giving an output of 25 to 140 amps with a duty cycle of 20% at 90 amperes.

It also has a 200-amp heavy duty clamp with wide opening for secure connection and a strong hold on the workpiece. Nothing can get better than having this clamp in a compact unit!


You can even go for flux-core welding with this unit. Now, this is really commendable. Similarly, the unit can fulfill the goals of even a professional, apart from a beginner. The unit is useful in cars and in repairing even heavy-duty equipment of home, farm, or garden.

Contactor and Thermal Overload System

These are my favorite safety measures. A built-in contactor keeps the wire cold while you are not using the unit, thus keeping the gun’s temperature down to save power. The thermal overload system keeps the wire safe and protected in case of harmfully high surge of current.

5-position Voltage Controls

This feature is worth commending, as it provides more control than before over the voltage that is given out by the device. This also means increased control over the weld. The control settings also make it easier to work with different levels of thickness.

Matchless Arc

I was amazed to see a stable arc and a superior performance while handling thin gauge metals. I cannot describe it in words, but when you use it, you will recognize the difference between this one and other devices that do not offer a good arc.

What I Feel as Limitations In Hobart 500559

  • Still a bit costly
  • Not for use with generators
  • Not for much industrial work
  • Low duty cycle


Beginners are given a really impressive welding unit through this model, while the experienced are given the joy of effectiveness. Consider it for smaller and lighter tasks.

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Hobart 500559 MIG Welder Review
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