Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i Inverter-Based Welder Review

After learning TIG welding with my father’s machine, I was in search for a unit that could serve to both a beginner and a professional in the easiest and fastest way. This was because I was buying my own welding device for the first time but with some good experience of TIG welding.

Obviously, lightweight and safety features were also on my target. Further, I needed a unit that can weld at both AC and DC, as I also usually weld aluminum that requires AC, and chromoly and steel demanding DC.

As per the requirements, I found Hobart 500551 TIG 165i welder as the most suitable choice. Although the price was a bit more than what I had thought but not expensive, I was happy to choose it due to its appealing features.

Almost all customer reviews reported this model as a simple to set up and an easy to transport one. In fact, the manufacturer asserts it to be the quickest and easiest AC/DC TIG unit that the operator can use and control efficiently.

What Did I Like In Hobart 500551

Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i Inverter-Based Welder

Easier to Carry but Easiest to Use

Unlike many other TIG welding units in the market, this one is lighter with the weight of 50 lbs. (23 kg). Thus, it Is easier to carry the model anywhere. However, when it comes to use, it is the easiest one to experience.

For this, the credit goes to its simple interface offering just a single knob and a single switch control. Such an arrangement ensures that the operator always works with the right settings, as per the task or project. This is the reason why the unit is designed for both beginners and professionals.

I must agree that a single knob control is certainly not a common design to see in TIG welders. With 230v AC/DC potential, you can start using the machine in just a few minutes. All you need to do is plug into the 230v socket, connect the gas, and set the thickness and material.

Welding Versatility

This astonishing TIG device delivers powerful performance, as compared to its peers. It is capable of welding 22 gauges to 3/16in at AC or DC. This means you can perform a variety of welding tasks.

The unit is reliable for auto body fabrications as well as repairs. It is also dependable for those who are hobbyists or those who wish to master the metal art. Vocational training can be well imparted with this as it has all the facilities that are needed by an amateur as well as a professional.

Admirably Efficient Output

Well, this is the outcome of many factors. First, the high frequency start mechanism enables an arc trigger that is non-contactable. This eradicates material as well as tungsten contamination. Second, the inverter-based source of power is responsible for a more consistent arc while consuming less power.

Third, the auto-postflow feature offers maximum shield as per the amperage. This happens without any adjustment or wastage.Lastly, the infinite amperage control ensures finer control than expected for a wider operating range.


This is something that I never compromise with any electronic item. So, I also looked at safety features while buying a TIG welder. In EZ TIG 165i, there is a fan-on-demand, which runs only when required. In this way, it keeps overheating and debris accumulation at bay.

Then, the welder comes with the auto high temperature shutdown utility. This means that when power supply is too much to generate intolerable heat, the unit shuts down on its own to keep overheating away. Further, there is also foot control.

What I Felt as Limitations

  • Hardly any


Go for Hobart EZ TIG 165i if budget is not an issue and wish to have some fundamental features for working as a beginner or an experienced welder.

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