Hobart 500546 Airforce 700i Plasma Cutter Review

Hobart needs no introduction in the world of plasma cutters and welders. It is always in news for offering some of the most competitively priced plasma cutting machines. The beauty of this brand is that ease of use and quality both are on assurance by its welders and plasma cutters. I have used both these devices in my small shop.

Before going for the 700i plasma cutter, I was using the Hobart’s 500i portable and compact plasma cutter. It is much more suitable for occasional or holiday use. Although portable, it is still a small unit with average power. Therefore, I decided to switch to a more powerful and bigger model, Airforce 700i that can cut up steel having a thickness of up to 7/8 inches.

What Did I Like In Hobart 500546

Hobart 500546 Airforce 700i Plasma Cutter

Compact and Ease of Use

Although more powerful than the 500i model, the Airforce 700i plasma cutter is compact and weighs only 32 pounds. It is neither that heavy nor too big. This means one can pick it up on your back with a comfortable handle and easily move around.

The unit is easy to use and is ready to cut when removed from the package. The package includes everything that you need to get started without spending on any consumables.

Expert Cutting Tip

This plasma cutter makes you feel beyond satisfaction due to which there is nothing else that you need. One of the features contributing to such a feeling is the professional, flawless cutting tip.

Superb Versatile Cuts

The cuts are bound to leave you speechless. If you wish to cut a steel sheet having a thickness of half an inch or lower, the unit delivers clean cuts smoothly as well as quickly. This is obvious if you use smooth hands. In case of thinner metal, the penetration is just a breeze.

If you wish to cut a thicker surface, the unit delivers a slow and steady cut. While this may seem a bit disappointing, it is not because you get a precise cut with smooth edges. Just keep in mind that the cutter will take some time while handling a thicker metal. Overall, these capabilities indicate versatility to handle a multitude of projects involving a different conductive metal.

This Hobart plasma cutter endures almost any condition. If you are below one-inch in thickness, there is no risk of cutting failure at all. This is regardless of whether it is steel, aluminum, or copper. Still, the fact remains that in small shops, cutting thick metals is rare.

Being derived from 500i, this cutter comes with a more powerful punch to give a bigger smile and more satisfaction every time you use it.

10-foot Power Cord

I must say that this is a decent length for comfort and convenience. Not all good cutters have such a cord length.


This is exactly where I love this Hobart model. It comes with many safety features. First, there is a post flow cooling system that increases the overall durability. While the fan-on-demand operates when needed to keep overheating away, the wind tunnel technology keeps dirt and other pollutants at bay. This means that you are likely paying less on consumables.

Second, the cable management strap keeps the cords and cables secured for safe mobility. Third, diagnostic lights for troubleshooting power and pressure quickly. Fourth, the Force Factor Correction (PFC) utility pulls 30% less amperage than equivalent cutters. Fifth, regardless of the voltage, the LVC line voltage utility ensures consistent power yield to keep the impact of fluctuations away and ensure cleaner, flawless cuts.

Lastly, the 16.5-foot long ergonomic torch also adds to comfort and safety.

What Did I Feel as Limitations In Hobart 500546

  • No digital readout
  • Flimsy ground clamp in terms of grip while the unit is at work


I don’t think that any other plasma cutter can beat this unit for cutting tip and performance. I would recommend it to anyone due to its safety and performance features hidden in its lightweight design.

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Hobart 500546 Airforce 700i Plasma Cutter Review
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