Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder Review

Forney is one of the older and popular American brand. However, while looking for a reliable gasless MIG welding unit, I did not know that its flux core welder would become my first choice as a beginner.

Costing quite economically, the Forney 299 125FC welding unit has a peculiar but rightly fitting status of giving excellent value for money although it is not a Miller or Hobart boy. This was what other customers were saying when I was reading its reviews. Such a comment is not common and this is why I decided to use and review this model.

While it is only for gasless flux-cored welding, I can swear by its power and performance, ease of use, compactness, portability, flexibility, and value. I chose it for my first DIY project before a year and have no major complaints until now.

What Did I Like In Forney 299

Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder

Easy Setup / No Messy or Effortful Use

There is no need of gas due to which there no least spatter to clean. You need not even invest in a gas cylinder, which makes you save money.

At the same time, the device is a plug-and-play system, which means no hassle of setting it up. Using it also becomes easier with precise digital readouts and better adjustability.


Due to the household input voltage it supports, there is no need of special power outlets. Through a heavy-duty extension cord, it is also easy for you to move the unit to some other site. The unit also comes with a torch wrap due to which it is easy to move.

Welding Capability

This unit comes with a good operating range. With an output of 125 amps and input of 120 volts, the unit is capable of welding anything from thin metal sheet of 24 gauge to 1/4-inch steel plate. The power range is really commendable for this small unit, as it is more than expected.

While the manufacturer allows welding 1/4-inch thick material, I recommend sticking to 1/8-inch for full penetration. So, if you wish to weld a frame of a truck, a larger machine is essential. You can also easily use it with a portable generator offering 120v at 20 amps. Any smaller generator than this would not be sufficient.

Of all, this unit is capable of welding stainless steel welding, which many units are incapable of due to a different structure than other metals.

Superior Quality Output

The output is stronger and cleaner, which anyone will admire no matter what the skill level is. This is admirable because the unit is small. The resulting welds are capable of withstanding rough use and pressure as well as adjusting to fragile spots.

The output is also energy efficient. It carries small dimensions, but is resistant. As a result, the unit is suitable for various applications.


This welding unit from Forney is capable of handling 2- as well as 10-pound wire rolls. This actually takes up some more storage space but is fine. The unit is also capable of handling a wire of .030 inches in diameter.

The dual power option is just ideal for almost any welding purpose, ranging right from heavier maintenance in a garage to thin pipe welding. While the unit might seem delicate, it is capable of aiding in a few heavy-duty applications, which means easily using it at different locations due to its small size.

The frame and material of the model make it suitable for some heavy-duty applications. This indicates that the model is durable and resistant to harms. The weight is light, but the build is strong.

Smoother Arc

This is one of the biggest benefits of this welding device. A smoother arc also means a smoother weld!

What I Feel as Limitations In Forney 299

  • Not for any length of use
  • Less warranty
  • Low duty cycle


Go for this one if you need a small and a lasting gasless welding unit for semi-professional tasks. This is perhaps due to its impressive design and modern features. The ease of use, affordable cost, and few limitations make it also a common choice of a beginner.

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