EVERLAST PowerARC Lift Start TIG Welder Review

When I started learning to weld, I was being told in comparison to MIG that TIG is more challenging to master. Along with my tutor, many online experts  agree with this statement. However, when I chose the EVERLAST PowerArc 140 welder, I was forced to change this opinion of mine regarding TIG welding.

With this small but amazingly powerful TIG device, learning and mastering TIG welding is a breeze. It is super easy to weld almost any metal with it via DC Stick and TIG processes. It is small in design is but highly flexible and robust in functionality as well as affordable in price due to which any beginner would feel proud to have the unit. Its portability and striking utilities make welding quite smooth.

What Did I Like In EVERLAST PowerARC


Small and Lightweight Yet Dual Voltage Operation

With just 25 pounds of weight, this small PowerArc model is one of the most portable Everlast’s TIG devices. The weight is less, but the functionality is more efficient than other options in the same class.

Despite being small, it is surprising to see how it functions optimally on dual voltages of 120 and 240v. This also adds to the flexibility of TIG welding almost everywhere. You can even use a generator to power it, which also contributes to ease of use and versatility.

Easy and Smooth Use

Well, this benefit is the result of more than one feature that this welding device possesses. First, the unit comes with specifically labelled controls and a simple panel.

Second, the controls are just handful due to which getting used to this unit is quick. The settings are shown via a small digital display for effortless use.

Further, there are no random glitches or hiccups due to which you do not have to stop your work in between and spend the time in fixing. The operational experience is quite smooth.

Amazingly Stable

This TIG welding device is remarkably stable as compared to its dimensions. The DC arc is genuinely stable as well as of high quality, which is comparable to the upscale units.

Highly Efficient

This is perhaps because of the Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) design. No, you need not know the technical meaning of it. It suffices to that the unit features an IGBT converter that allows a smooth transition from the either voltage as well as consumes less power.

This is beneficial in two ways: Easy moving around in areas where there is no or very expensive electricity supply and less electricity bill. Further, power efficient design together with a stable DC arc also add to easy to use.

The IGBT inverter technology is also responsible for increased portability and better performance.

Two more features, namely auto hot start and adaptive arc force control also support efficient performance. They also improve the weld’s quality if there is a difficult-to-start electrode and when rod sticking is problematic. Thus, you enjoy cleaner welds and reduced probability to err.

Welding Capability

With an output power of 140 amps and 35% duty cycle at 240v, this welding device can weld many metals including stainless steel, with a thickness ranging from 1/8 to 1/16 inches. It is reliable for applications related to ranch, fabrication, prototyping, portable repair, and so on.

At 240 volts, the max output is 140 amps for TIG. At 120v, the output is 95 amps for TIG and 85 amps for Stick. You can expect precise and clean welds due to lift-start mechanism.

What I Feel as Limitations

  • Difficult out-of-position welding due to incompatible foot pedal
  • More efficient at 240v, and not at 120v
  • Not for industrial use
  • No gas regulator


This EVERLAST model is ideal for anyone looking for a small TIG device with optimum performance and maximum flexibility. It is specially geared toward the novice welders. In case you are an expert looking for a simple design, this model is the right choice.

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EVERLAST PowerARC Lift Start TIG Welder Review
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