ESAB Thermal Arc W1003203 TIG Welder Review

I was looking for the lightest TIG kit due to a sudden change in my job, which now included moving amongst four different sites in a day. Such a shift also made my welding portfolio quite versatile, ranging right from DIY home repairs (TIG) to light fabrication (Stick) and maintenance tasks (TIG) at workshops and customers’ sites.

Therefore, I was looking for a versatile, powerful, and yet the lightest and affordable TIG-cum-Stick welder. After searching online smartly, I chose the Thermal Arc W1003203 95 S welder, as it fulfilled all my above requirements.

I founded it to be the most compact, smallest, and lightest of all TIG/Stick welders that I have explored in my search. The device is designed for home hobbyists, beginners, and DIYers who perform light fabrication, maintenance, and repair jobs.

Another draw for me was the fact that the device is usable indoors as well as outdoors with both Stick and TIG welding capabilities. For its high quality of welds, the unit is just a reliable option to consider for open-air sites and garages.

What Did I Like In ESAB Thermal Arc W1003203

ESAB Thermal Arc W1003203 TIG Welder Review

Simple to Learn and Use

I know that TIG welding is not as easy as MIG. However, this unit makes it easy through its controls, efficient design, and included essentials. Whether you are a naive or an experienced welder, this model of Thermal Arc comes with everything you need to get started as well as master TIG/Stick welding.

Ease of use is ensured by its plug that works with a normal household outlet, power indicator lights, and amperage control knob. Even the DC inverter technology adds to ease of use. It is also ensured by the included instructional DVD, which easily teaches you a new skill.

There is also a free booklet available called ‘Basic Techniques in Welding’. Last but not the least; the unit is ready for stick welding when removed out from the box.

Extremely Efficient Inverter Design

The integrated inverter technology is admired for its durability and quality. It lasts for a significant amount of time without being overheated or damaged by heat. There is a comprehensive kit due to which you have everything in hand for welding.

The inverter contributes to ease of use, competitive price, versatility, portability, and durability. It is recommended for every home, hobby, and workshop welder.

Maximized Portability as well as Power for Versatility

With below 10 lbs. of weight, this device is ultra-light and compact, yet robust enough to pave way for quick and affordable welding output, regardless of the maintenance and repair project in hand. Lift TIG welding occurs with 115v outlet to generate a high output of 95 amps at 20% duty cycle.

On the other hand, stick welding occurs with different electrode sizes, ranging from 1.6mm to 2.5mm. Thus, this portable unit us highly versatile to fulfill different welding outputs.

Stable Arc

The unit ensures smooth and stable arc performance. This is perhaps because of its ability to offer an optimized touch start sequence of TIG process.

Fan-cooled and Thermal Overload Protection

The included cooling fan ensures longer life of the unit, better duty cycle, and improved output. It also keeps the impact of overheating at bay. There is also thermal overload protection to prevent overheating.

What I Felt as Limitations

  • Not for heavy-duty use
  • Not for long-term professional use


This welding device has been totally overhauled to fulfill one’s diverse welding needs in terms of reliability, performance, and value. You can expect consistent high quality welds no matter where you are. Consider this model if you are a first-time welder or if you are honing your skills. Even small-scale businesses would find it as a genuinely effective deal.

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ESAB Thermal Arc W1003203 TIG Welder Review
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