Coocheer Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Review

I believed a visually appealing welding helmet is always expensive. The logical reason for the high price is usually the effort spent in the design. However, when I came across the solar welding helmet by Coocheer, I was forced to change my opinion.

The American flag and the symbolic eagle design on it is something that I have seen on other helmets that are expensive. However, this Coocheer helmet is perhaps the most affordable one despite having the same design and look.

The eagle design and colors are just stunning. The bold and bright color scheme has no flaws at all. Upon knowing this fact, my joy knew no bounds.

Nevertheless, my mind had a question: Will it be fully functional? Well, this Coocheer helmet protects your eyes very well from the arc sparks and emissions. It is a good quality model for both daily and occasional users.

When I first used it, the helmet performed remarkably. Along with a cool look, this helmet is fully functional with arc, TIG, MIG, and plasma cutting processes. You will truly love the handy features that you get at this price.

What Did I Like In Coocheer


This helmet is lightweight, although its weight is not 1 pounds. It is 1.5 pounds. Despite being light, it is compact and well made.

Highly Adjustable for Comfort

You are free to make a few adjustments to the mask, as per the type of welding or grinding or intensity. The easy no-hands flip-down utility functioning with just a head shake allows resuming work faster, which is truly cool as it seems in the films.

You can easily adjust the headgear on your head. Once it is fit, there is no need to worry about any kind of slippage. Now, this surely provides peace of mind.

The flip down genuinely adjusts well and comes with small plastic tabs that allow adjusting the utility on the fly. Well, this is cool! Similarly, you can tighten the headgear even with gloves without noticing any slippage.

Another notable feature is the low battery LED indicator. While it does not adjust to anything, it helps to make you adjust when the battery power becomes low. Due to this indicator, you need not worry about the power running out without you recognizing it. This indicates you to keep other batteries ready for use.

There are other features such as response time adjustment and secondary lock head adjustment. Well, to your surprise, these features are usually present on $100 welding helmets.

Solar-powered Auto-darkening Lens

You can get this helmet to go dark when sparks trigger at the time of grinding in bright light. The filter tends to auto-darken in 1/15000 second, which is just ideal for welding in outdoors.

In case of electric failure, the protection from harmful rays is full as per the shade 16. Yes! This helmet comes with variable shade adjustment from 9 to 13, including shade 4 for resting.

The batteries inside get power from the sun. A good feature is that they are replaceable.

Large Viewing Screen and Improved Optics

The viewing screen is large and superb.It measures 3.5″X1.375″. Further, the helmet features genuinely better optical clarity with 1/2/1/3 denomination. This gives two benefits: Minimal eye fatigue and better clarity of vision.

Protective Sheets

Along with the welding helmet, the package also has two protective sheets. This simply ensures full protection.

What Did I Feel as Limitations

  • Hardly anything at this price


This solar helmet from Coocheer offers good professional features at a budget-friendly price. There is hardly anything to put you away from buying it.


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Coocheer Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Review
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