Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

I always believed that solar welding helmets are expensive and inefficient for industrial use. However, my colleagues in the welding factory made me realize that these helmets are now capable of giving high quality outcomes with efficiency and at an affordable price.

They did so by showing me different solar powered helmets. Thus, I decided to choose an auto-darkening solar-powered helmet that is affordable, light, efficient, and versatile enough to work with all possible welding processes.

Proving itself well on all the above criteria, the Antra AH6-260-0000 welding helmet became my first choice. It is a decent choice for anyone who is into an engineering field where any welding job is taken up.

This solar powered helmet is one the most recommended auto-darkening models in the market. It is flexible enough to be used for Arc, MIG, plasma, TIG, and grinding jobs.

Look up any Web site or store and you will find many recommending it. The helmet is well designed, visually appealing, very light, and extremely durable. Thus, it is ideal for a hot condition, which is common while welding.

What Did I Like In Antra AH6-260-0000 

Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Ultra-Light and Incessant Protection

The helmet weighs only 435 grams, which contributes to much more comfort than expected. This means there is no fatigue and you are ensured of increased performance plus productivity without losing concentration.

I have worked for up to six hours with this mask and yet obtain a good result.The protection is not only during the normal situations but also when there is an electric failure.

Solar Power Assistance with Replaceable Batteries

The batteries inside are replaceable, which means you need not stop your work at all. However, in case it is not feasible to replace the batteries, the solar power assist utility proves to be handy. You can start using the solar power and weld or cut without any problems.

Compatible with Magnifying Lens

If you need to pay close attention to your welding task, it is essential to use the magnifying lens. In this case, this Antra model is just an ideal choice. It can easily accommodate 2 x 4 inches of magnifying lens for focusing on minute details.

Wide Shade Range

You can easily adjust the lens shade as per the needs, from 5 to 13. This also paves way for using the helmet for a variety of jobs, including grinding and Stick welding on a thin surface at a low amperage.

Flexible Knobs

To deal with any issue or an emergency at work, the helmet offers sensitive and adjustable knobs. A step-less knob takes incessant adjustments for having a proper control over the sensitivity and delay time. It is on the side and is easy to use while wearing gloves.

Four Premium Sensors for Sensitivity and Delay Control

These sensors are highly responsive due to the reaction time of just 0.00004 seconds. This means that the helmet darkens quickly. Such a fast speed ensures proper protection from flushing out. Similarly, the swing from dark to light needs 0.1 to 1 second, which is comparatively a bit more.

Rugged Build

Well, this comes from the helmet material, which is high impact quality polyimide nylon. This material is sturdy enough to ensure durability. It is also responsible for proper performance in rough work areas, as it endures more than a few bumps.

Easy Assembly

The headgear is very easy and quick to assemble. It takes only a minute to do so. The helmet comes with a sweatband too.

Automated Performance

The helmet comes with an on/off switch that works on its own. There is no need of manual intervention.

Viewing Size

Well, this is quite wide and comfortable. It is 3.86 x 1.78 inches.

What Did I Feel as Limitations?

  • Small window
  • More frequent replacement of batteries
  • Chinese origin


This Antra helmet is affordable, versatile, and comfortable one to choose. However, it is not for extended periods of professional work.

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Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review
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